Slotto The Clown Block-Chains The Market!

Marvel comics writer Dan Slott caused a bit of a firestorm when he ran a blockchain on several, possibly hundreds of members of the very market he hopes picks up his Fantastic Four comic book, (which is currently moving an estimated 35k copies a month). What APPEARS to have occurred is that Dan Slott ran the blockchain on ANYONE who follows Bounding Into Comics on Twitter, after the outlet covered his tweet in an article.

We’ll post the embedded tweets (but don’t worry we got screen gabs just in case Dan decides to get froggy and block “The voice of fandom” aka Con Crud when he sees this :).

Here’s a screenshot of the original tweet. Business Killing Bigotry 101:

“Fuck ya’ll!” – Dan Slott

Here at ConCrud we don’t give a damn about your political stance. But if you’re going to make a statement like Dan’s TO YOUR FAN BASE, we just feel like you best damn well be ready to defend your opinion. But Slott took the cowards way out. He activated his trusty secret trap card! BLOCKCHAIN ATTACK!


What’s a blockchain you ask? A blockchain is a browser extension that allows “users who are likely to be, or currently are being dog-piled. By navigating to a user’s followers (or following) page and activating the plugin, you can block all users on that page.” Sounds neat! But what if your fans get blocked because they happen to follow someone you have now deemed undesirable? That’s indeed a pickle!

Slott’s no stranger to block-chains either. In September of 2019 he tweeted that he’s ran blockchains on the WORST of a bad group.

I was running this story pass Pastor Crudmonger during lunch in the office kitchen and he was gracious enough to let me quote him. ” If he (Slott) wrote as well as he whined he might get a royalty check he can live on.” – Crud Monger

Now above is what Dan said back in September of 2019, but perhaps his stance has softened because according to a tweet after his latest impromptu block party Slott tweeted out an olive branch!

Dan! You started it! There would have been NO Bounding into Comics “hit piece” had you NOT made that tweet! You posted something you had to know would get you a reaction and then blocked not just people with a differing opinion, but anyone who was simply standing on the sidelines. Those innocent onlookers who don’t care about Republican or Democrat viewpoints. The fans who still come together to enjoy and fellowship through this nerdy entertainment genre no matter their politics, and not in celebration of who you’re voting for in November. Clown move Slott, clown move. We expected better.


SHE or S.H.E graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism. While she enjoys the out-put from the comics medium her FAVORITE pass time is garage sailing and taking road-trips to "highly starred" flea-markets. S.H.E lives in the GREAT state of NY with her four-legged sidekick Yumi 'The Cat with NO tail'.

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