No Con, No Problem! A big Ol’ Emerald Nothing Burger!

We got a tip into our inbox from a concerned ‘insider’ who claims that a group inside of the now ‘postponed’ Reed Pop organized Emerald City Comic Con had hoped and planned on backlash from ‘orchestrated’ drama.

The Emerald City Comic Con logo was recently changed with what our tipster claims was little to zero fanfare designed to “triggermisogynistic members of the patriarchy.
The logo which used to feature what many identified as a flying male superhero has undergone a change to what some may consider the feminine form or body type.

Lookit, “him” flying around that phallic-like space needle!

But NOW!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s a woman..or a man, with long hair who really gives a shit!?

We can’t be sure and the mascots accepted/approved pronouns weren’t provided.

Our own Pastor Crudmonger weighed in with a comment. “No one, and I mean no one gives a flying fuck!”

We’re reaching out to Emerald City for comment but we assume (and sincerely hope) they’ve got bigger issues to contend with. This is usually when we would ask that you let us know what you think about the story, but we’re not sure there’s any thing else to say.


SHE or S.H.E graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism. While she enjoys the out-put from the comics medium her FAVORITE pass time is garage sailing and taking road-trips to "highly starred" flea-markets. S.H.E lives in the GREAT state of NY with her four-legged sidekick Yumi 'The Cat with NO tail'.

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