O’ Happy Day Didio’s Gone Away!

Usually, when a high ranking employee is removed (see:shit-canned) from a position of leadership in a company the occasion is met with well-wishes for future endeavors, recollections of warm memories and other platitudes. After 18 years at DC Comics (Detective Comics Comics giggle) where Dan Didio served as vice president for 8 years until being made a co-publisher in 2010, well-wishers seem to me few and far between.

18 years at DC Comics, 10 of which saw Dan in the driver’s seat, his time came to an end like so many book cancellations. Bleeding Cool suggests that Dan DiDio didn’t step down from the position of his own volition, but was in fact fired! What a mystery!


Sadly it’s one we may never know the truth of as Dan himself, has remained silent on the matter, not even penning a farewell letter to the fans.

Some DC insiders claim that it was Dan’s planned 5G “relaunch” that was a bridge too-damn far that ultimately lead to his ouster.

We now know that Jim Lee will be handling all the publisher duties over at the house that Superman may have built, but Batman pays the bills on. Jim, a bit of advice if we may? If you don’t know what you’re doing walk fast and look worried!

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