Brave Women Shine Light On Abuses And Traumas In The Comic Market.

Originally posted (02-15-20)

UPDATED (02-17-20)

After a recent dust up on Facebook over hypocrites call to “do better” And his shallow attempts at an apology (previous ConCrud article) one of his victims has stepped forward in their blog to account the abuse and detail, including evidence, receipts, and communications with the abuser.
Light bearer Amber Love detailed her ordeal and not one but two posts in her blog. Both posts give evidence and detail of the abuse (here) along with receipts and communications with the abuser. The second blog is incredibly informative. Detailing not just the account but explaining why trauma of this sort has such a deep impact upon its victim (here).
We here at Con Crud can only applaud the efforts of Amber Love in coming forward and the bravery it took for her to do so. Amber Love’s an accomplished author who has many works available on Amazon (here), And we encourage you to not only read her blog but to also check out her work.
There are further victims coming forward in this abuse case, despite the repeated attempts at an apology on the part of the perpetrator.

UPDATE: A Light-bearer mentioned in our previous article has now stepped forward with her account of her relationship with the alleged abuser.

Additionally, other cases are springing forward of trauma and abuse that is NOT CONNECTED to this perpetrator due to Amber’s bravery.

We here at Con Crud can only wish Amber and other victims of this kind of drama health and healing as they bring more of this darkness to light. Stay tuned to Con Crud for further updates.


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