Pastor Crudmonger’s Church of Light.

The First Sermon.

You cannot put out our fire for it is the light of truth. Your threats are meaningless. Our path is clear, and our light must shine in the darkest corners of this industry. Let the cockroaches scatter when we turn our attention to their corners. Let them scurry deeper into the cracks of this decaying business, this blooming art form, this wretched system of whispers, trolling, intimidations, doxing, and other wretched immature behavior.

We are the light. If you are the darkness then you need to go away. Run back to your parents and relearn a sense of ethics, a sense of empathy, a basic sense of morality. Your kind sickens us to the point where we have to cry out, not in pain or fright, but In anger and justice. We are anonymous for a reason.

We are not important, not at all important compared to the light that we shine. Quietly we know you are out there, you are welcome to be one of us, the people of the light. This art form, this livelihood, this association should be fun, loving, happy, and empathetic to all. We are not in your clique, we don’t whisper anymore, how you treat this business has sickened us to the point of the necessity to scream and explode with the light of truth.

We have seen our numbers. We have seen your numbers. We are receiving tips, places to look in the darkness to see the scum and wretchedness. Now it is time to shine the light. It is your choice if that light hits you or if you help us turn the spotlight onto those that richly deserve it.

The Choice is yours.

We are here not to troll, trolling is for the weak and pathetic. We love this business, this art form, this field of entertainment, and to some this lifesaver.

If you cannot understand that or if you are against that, we don’t mean to destroy you as much as shine our light on you so that others may pity you. If you are not here to shine then you need to go elsewhere. Find another hole, find another life, find other victims to spread your darkness to but don’t do it in our house. We are done with you. We appreciate any and all light-bringers to this site. Our staff is ready. Call us what you want but we know what we are, and what we are is only beginning. Spread the light, fight the darkness.

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