UPDATE: Writer On HOPE And TWIZTED: HAUNTED HIGH-ONS Accused Of Emotional, Sexual Manipulation, Gaslighting And More As Female Hobbyists, Fans And Peers Surface With Claims.

UPDATE: This article was originally posted with the names of several ‘whistle-blowers’, without proper clearances. As an editor with over 26 years in the news and news dissemination business, I and my staff sincerely apologize. -Ed

The writer of comic book series HOPE and Twizted’s Haunted High-On’s (both published by Source Point Press) “Dirk Manning” is under fire this week after female fans level accusations of emotional, financial and sexual manipulation and finally silencing toward the embattled creator.

A social media post by “Manning” asking for men in the comics industry to “do better” in their interactions and relationships with female peers, colleagues and allies quickly went south for the writer/creator as several women from various walks within the independent comics and pop culture community chimed in with quips, zingers and more dismissing his “mea culpa” and calling into question his sincerity.

But it was one post, filled with empirical evidence that would further detail a relationship with Manning and what that poster alleges are his predatorial behaviors.

Following up, another poster would post of her own similar experiences with “Manning”, detailing how when she questioned him about his wedding ring during an encounter, he told her “oh we don’t want to talk about that.

Con Crud has learned that there are indeed other women who will be coming forward in the days ahead, so far “Dirk Manning” has yet to respond to ANY of these allegations or post, instead, posting about future business ventures. “He doesn’t care,” said one person with insider knowledge exclusively to Con Crud on condition of anonymity “He’s got a decent-sized network of sleazy friends both male and female who have and will continue to cover up for him! He embeds himself into cliques so deeply that it’s impossible to uproot him without taking everything apart! We’re talking about a vast network of people who have enabled him to get away with this for years, YEARS, either through outright assisting him or by being silent about it.” When asked why no one has come forward about this before “You’ll get banned and discredited, shit those girls might be banned, but I don’t really think they give a fuck anymore! Dirk and his posse, there was power there, they partied with the right promoters, they got the right reps drunk at least from the good conventions, and if you found yourself in the crosshairs, you’re fucked! Look through his photos, look at convention photos the connections it’s all there. You don’t do those shows, you get banned, you don’t eat, it’s as simple as that.”

As of the time of this writing Source Point Press nor Majik Ninja have released any statements regarding the situation. Stay with Con Crud for continuing coverage of this situation as we’ll update as new developments occur.

UPDATE (2): ConCrud has learned that “Dirk Manning” has released a public statement regarding the rising concerns over his alleged behavior. In it, he cites his reason for staying silent was from a desire to listen and reflect as the commentators speak “their truth”. He goes on to apologize to those his silence may have disappointed or hurt.

UPDATE (3): ConCrud reached out by email and social media to the publisher of Mr. Manning’s work, Source Point Press for comment or official statement on February 13th, 2020, but as of this update February 17th, 2020, no response seems to be forthcoming. As always we’ll keep you up to date should there be any further developments.


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