The Situation With Evoluzione Publishing Continues to Evolve.

UPDATE: Article sources updated, learn more about the history of this situation, posted here, here and here

Even as more distraught victims of Marcel Dupree come forward, “Indie Advocate” Rob Andersin raised more concerns when he posted a message from a supposed cousin of Marcel.

“I told you he was hiding and Catfishing” Rob Andersin writes in his original post with the image. “And we have confirmation that Marcel the INDIE CROOK and The INDIE MENACE is hiding behind a fake profile. I edited the source out as well as others who were in the group thread to protect them all but this needs to stop today.”

Andersin and others claim that Marcel has been ducking contributors to his multiple crowdfunding campaigns and has now gone into hiding.

Marcel has seemingly left Facebook but ConCrud has learned that the embattled Evoluzione Comics publisher has reached out to some through email and other forms of social media to settle complaints and issues of non-payment and more.

A new update on 02/10/20 to the ‘Mine to Avenge’ Kickstarter page [announcing the delay of the bok] possibly even alludes to Rob Andersin.

We at Con Crud sincerely hope that Marcel is able to right the Evoluzione Publishing ship soon. We’ll be watching, and of course, will update with any new developments.

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